MYC was formed by young people, parents, councillors and residents who wanted to make a difference to their community. Over the past three years the group have been working fundraising, applying for grants and gaining support from the wider community to develop new facilities and services.

Our passionate volunteers that make up the group have a clear vision “to give our community the very best chances in life, to encourage a better, healthier, more social way of life”.  We believe in building community cohesion by getting people involved, asking them what they want and getting everyone to work together to achieve it.  This has resulted in encouraging and supporting  the local community to be more physically active as well as helping to decrease anti-social behaviour by providing positive activities for young people.

Through all our projects we aim to achieve the following objectives:

•           Increase physical activity through sport and recreation provision

•           Increase health through greater awareness of leading a healthy safe lifestyle

•           Decrease anti-social behaviour through positive youth provision

•           Increase cohesion of the local community

Over a relatively short period of time our achievements have been staggering.  In Jan 2010 MYC began fundraising and gained funding to deliver 30 weeks of positive activities. In 2011 the group redeveloped the dilapidated play area and most recently worked with the young people in the village to design, fundraise and successfully bid for £84,000 of funding to build a concrete skate park.  This project had been talked about for over 10 years but never seemed to gain the necessary momentum to get it off the ground until MYC became involved.

An outdoor gym was our next project enabling them to engage with some of the more mature members of the community.  This too has proved to be another great success with daily use by visitors and villagers alongside regular fitness classes.   Finally, working with the two schools and Pre-School, we developed a project called “Mundesley Gets Active” and have provided sports, nutrition and forest school activities facilitated through a £10,000 Awards For All grant.

So what are our “Future Projects”for MYC?  As part of the group’s original consultation they identified the need for a sports facility that could be used by the whole community for a wide range of activities.  This project has taken another step closer as the group have recently received a Community builders grant to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study. MYC will now be working closely with the consultants to support the study to ensure any new facilities meet the needs of the community and can be achieved in the next year.